Monday, October 15, 2012

13 tips to keeping warm while keeping the thermostat turned down.

With home heating oil and gas prices at record highs, you may want to keep your thermostat turned back toward 60 degrees but not suffer from the cold in the process of saving on your heating cost
Woman using a pair of Maine Warmers' microwave Hand Warmers to warm cold hands
Maine Warmers' Hand Warmer Mittens
  1.  Dress in several thin layers. The air space between the layers also helps keep you warm.
  2.   Look for silk or thin polyester long underwear – especially the tops. They can be worn under turtlenecks, blouses, and dresses.
  3. Tights and leggings are fashionable. They can be worn under dresses, skirts, or pants for added warmth.
  4. A vest will help keep your core warm and a scarf to wrap around your neck will help keep the heat in.
  5.  Wear warm socks and shoes that do not fit tightly. When blood flow is restricted toes may feel cold. Shoes that cover your foot completely will help as well.
  6.  Wear gloves without the fingers inside, and put on warm mittens or gloves before going outside.
  7. Wear a hat. We lose a lot of body heat through our heads.
  8. Stay well hydrated, drink warm liquids, and eat nutritious foods.
  9.  Keep active to promote good circulation.
  10. Going for a walk outside in the winter?  If it’s windy wear a shell either under or over your coat to help break the wind. Also, a light pair of wind pants will slip on over your slacks or blue jeans.
  11. Slip a pair of Palm Packs (small reusable hand warmers) inside a pair of large fleecy mittens or your
    Woman tucking a red Palm Pack in her pocket to keep hands warm while going for a walk in winter
    Palm Packs are small reusable hand warmers
    coat pockets to help keep your hands warm.
  12. Put a Maine Warmer or two in your bed to take the chill off cold bed sheets before turning in at night. The warmth may also help you relax and go to sleep.
  13. When you sit down to read or watch TV heat up a pair of Hand Warmers  or Neck Warmer and hold it on your lap or tuck it behind your back.

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